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LCMag Meters Deliver Ease of Use and Precise Data


Liquid Controls remains a global market leader in precision measuring systems. Among its many products, the company offers a broad range of electromagnetic (Mag) flow meters intended for use in applications by industries such as water, industrial, and more. Known as LCMag, there are more than four distinct models to choose from intended for specific uses including sanitary, microflow, and flanged.

The LCMag meters provide robust, effective solutions for measuring the flow of electrically conductive liquids and they offer numerous benefits. Factors such as viscosity, temperature, and density do not affect the meter accuracy, a major plus when precise data is of the essence. Additionally, the meters have no moving parts and there is practically no drop in pressure. These meters require very little maintenance and their clean-in-place construction makes them highly efficient. Installation is incredibly simple and the meters are also highly user-friendly.

For additional information on the Liquid Controls Mag meters like the HSM501 Microflow or HMS 2500 Flange, give us a call.

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