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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Meters by Liquid Controls

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is made up of urea and deionized water and is one of the trickiest and most sensitive liquids to handle.  Although it is non-toxic, it is capable of corroding common materials as well as metals like steel, aluminum, iron, and brass.  What’s more, the fluid is susceptible to turning into crystallized … Continued

McCrometer Solutions for Vineyard Managers

A major problem affecting the state of California is the ongoing drought, considered one of the most severe.  Its effects can cause major problems for the many vineyards, which is why it’s so critical to focus on conserving resources and ensuring vineyard efficiency.  Thanks to McCrometer’s CONNECT Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) System, grape growers have … Continued

Greenfield, Indiana Relies Sees Great Success with Itron

Greenfield, Indiana has relied on Itron technology for years, relying on the company’s meter usage readers to efficiently gather information for its 15,000+ water and electricity customers.  Just three people were in charge of obtaining monthly meter reads, a process that took about twenty days to complete.  Seeking to improve efficiency and accuracy as well … Continued

Petersburg, Virginia Saves Big with Itron

The city of Petersburg, Virginia is currently home to more than 30,000 people across an urban territory spanning over 20 square miles.  Last year, the city sought to automate its billing process and meter reading.  Using increased revenue by focusing on billing customers for the actual amount of water they used versus an estimate as … Continued

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Water Meter Market Recovery and Impact

Water meters provide accurate readings on the volumes of water that are delivered to a given property. Companies can access accurate flow meter readings through on site flow meter testing. According to A2Z Market Research, a company that conducts research that helps determine smart business goals, the following companies, including the Avanti Company, have been … Continued