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Suez-Bayonne Sees Huge Pipe Blockage Reductions

The water service company of Suez-Bayonne in Bayonne, New Jersey is celebrating after introducing new technology resulting in a massive decrease of more than eighty percent in sewer line blockage throughout the city. This tremendous reduction in blockage was achieved thanks to the advanced acoustic inspection technology of the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT). … Continued

Tackling Steam Measurement in Educational Institutions

Countless schools seek to accurately track, and then bill internally for the use of steam usage in individual buildings as part of a broader effort to upgrade resource management. However, traditional technologies used for steam metering provides a less than ideal choice. In many cases, campus steam meters must be placed in building basements where … Continued

LADWP Saves Time and Money with the FPI Mag Meter

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) was seeking a metering solution to save resources and money, specifically a tool that would assist its water loss control task force while pacing a chemical feed system. It was in need of a solution that would allow its systems to continue running without having to … Continued

Another Utility Chooses the Efficiency of OpenWay Riva

Liberty Utilities Company in Liberty Lake, Washington is becoming one of the latest to seize the power of Itron’s OpenWay® Riva Internet of Things (IoT) solution to its more than 700,000 customers to improve operations and boost the customer experience. OpenWay Riva is an open, unified, standards-based network able to manage water, gas, and electricity which … Continued

Upgrading to an AMI Metering Solution

Bolstered by a need to upgrade revenue and efficiency operations while also reducing wastage and improving customer service, water utilities are progressively choosing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), including smart meters. Utilities face mounting financial pressure from non-technical water losses such as potable water system leaks due to leaks as well as uneconomical revenue recovery which … Continued

Easily Measure Various Liquids with the Industrial Oval Gear Meter

The modular Badger Meter® Industrial Oval Gear (IOG) Meter is a cost-effective yet extremely accurate and durable solution. The model IOG is intended for use in an assortment of chemical applications included petroleum-based fluids, water, or any construction material compatible liquid. The IOG operates by allowing fluid to enter the inlet port which then passes … Continued

When Flow Disturbers Affect Accuracy

A vital aspect of process control is ensuring flow meter accuracy. However, there is always the risk of upstream and downstream flow disturbers potentially causing issues. While this can be addressed during the process of design, there are circumstances where disturbers simply cannot be eliminated. A flow disturber refers to anything that causes an impedance … Continued

Multiple Electrodes Make for Greater Accuracy with the FPI Mag

The drive to provide an optimum level of service plus the scarcity of water has spurred utility managers to concentrate more on obtaining the most accurate and current insights into their distribution systems. A major aspect of this involves flow measurement. Traditional center-line electromagnetic flow meters do not account for variations in velocities across a … Continued

Flow Metering with Space Limitations

When space carries a hefty price tag, choosing a flow metering is critical. A common issue with the majority of flow metering technologies is indeed space limitations, which tend to present challenges due to the straight pipe run requirements needed for an accurate reading. For example, concentric orifice plate meters require as much as 40x … Continued

Versatile, Accurate Measurement with the M-Series M3000

Featuring the latest developments in microprocessing signal conditioning, the innovative Badger Meter M-Series® M3000 can provide incredible accuracy of better than ± 0.25% with a flow range of 300:1. Frequently used in industrial applications, this electromagnetic flow meter is not susceptible to factors such as pressure, density, temperature, or viscosity changes. It can be used … Continued

The SL-RAT Provides Efficient Resource Management

InfoSense’s Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT) isn’t just helping domestic utilities save money and resources, it’s also doing incredible work abroad. Through the use of its acoustic inspection technology that can rapidly screen sewer pipes for blockages, prioritization of segments can be easily performed. Because acoustic inspection doesn’t cost as much as traditional visual … Continued

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Accurately Measure Fluid Density and Mass Flow with the Badger Coriolis RCT1000

The Badger Coriolis RCT1000 Flow Meter uses a measurement of fluid density and mass flow to identify flow rate, delivering an exceptional degree of accuracy. For homogenous fluids comprised of a pair of components such as sugar and water, the RCT1000 Badger Coriolis system can derive the component’s concentration and mass based on fluid properties … Continued