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Mission Statement

To Serve

our various markets with available knowledge, capability and products, to assist end users to accomplish their assignments as well as possible…

To Represent

each principal fairly, honestly, and respectfully…

To Be A Witness

before all of our business associates to the benefit of dealing with Godly principles of love and charity.

The Company

The Avanti Company has been servicing the Florida measurement and control market since 1977. We provide engineered products for a varied range of conditions. Our equipment is of the highest quality and if unforeseen difficulties arise, we back our sales with in-house service capability which will usually result in on-the-spot correction. It is our policy to help everyone we can, and when we cannot, to help you find the answer.

We are located in Avon Park, Florida, at the center of the state, approximately one hour south of Orlando. For those who are curious, Avanti is Italian for “Go Forward”, and our dove symbolizes the “Holy Spirit” and “Peace”.

Our President/Owner of Avanti Company:


Tim Devlin: President/Owner of Avanti Company- Tim is the son of founders Paul and Justine Devlin and joined The Avanti Company over 25 years ago. Tim has been leading the Companies Operations for most of that time. Tim also specializes in Water Specialties and McCrometer metering products as well as our vast offering of Liquid Controls meters. Tim now manages the entire Avanti team, bringing his years of experience and wisdom to the core goals of making sure our Customers get the right product or service, when they need it, to help them do their jobs.

Our Staff – Our friendly staff is always eager to assist you:

Mark Whalen: Vice President – Operations, is responsible for our technical support, shipping, warehouse, and field services. Mark came to Avanti with 13 years experience from a major meter manufacturer. He holds an associates degree in the computer electronics field. Mark is our in-house expert on most of our electronic products.

Office & Tech Services Staff

David Ratter:  Project and Technical Support Manager comes to Avanti with 20 years of AMR/AMI technical support and project management experience having deployed hundreds of systems.  Having started in the US Navy assigned to the USS Saratoga, Dave has developed an expertise in successfully deploying and assuring optimal performance of all his responsibilities.  Dave is committed to assuring Avanti’s customers the same level of service.

Mark Conner: Technical Services, involved with a variety of support functions and is primarily our lead technician in conducting on-site flow meter testing. Mark came to us with over fifteen years experience as a certified marine mechanic, and now is an important member of our technical services team.

Josh King: Technical Services, involved with a variety of support functions including on-site flow meter testing and is our expert in both installing and supporting the McCrometer Connect systems. Josh has also been trained and supports all of Avanti’s AMR and AMI products including hardware and software implementation. Josh has past Avanti and Utility experience that he brings to our technical services efforts.

Thomas Watson: Technical Services, involved in technical support activities for Avanti’s complete product offering. Thomas has a B.S. in Mathematics and is working on his M.S. degree in Applied Statistics.

Devra Moore: is our Administrative Assistant. She comes to Avanti with 15 years of office management experience, has a bachelors degree in business and MIS systems

Brandy Albury:  Inside Sales and Marketing Support, involved in assisting Mark Whalen and Tim Devlin with Inside Sales responsibilities and works with the Outside Sales Staff to help them to keep selling. Brandy also handles all of Avanti’s Marketing needs along with John Corey.  Brandy brings with her a wealth of Sales and Marketing experience and worked in a Family Distributor environment before joining Avanti.

Outside Sales Staff:

John Corey: Vice President – Sales, has spent nearly thirty years in the metering business with primary concentration on flow meters for utility and industrial applications. John joined Avanti from ABB where he worked in the United States, UK, and Africa, solving customers’ metering challenges in over 100 countries throughout the world. John has a B.A. from Hiram College and MBA from the University of Miami, FL. John lives in Miami, FL. John is responsible for our outside and inside sales staff as well as marketing.

Luis Hernandez: Territory Manager, covers South Florida. Luis has had a distinguished career in the flow metering and metering systems, business working for a water meter manufacturing company and an AMR/AMI manufacturer.  Luis has a BS in Mechanical Engineering as well as a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Fluid Dynamics. Luis’ territory covers from Monroe to Indian River County in Southeast Florida up to Lee County on the West Coast.

Matt Devlin: Territory Manager, covers Central Florida. Matt is Tim Devlin’s (owner) son and the grandson of Avanti’s founders. He joined the business after graduating from the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a Business Management Degree. Matt has four years of Industry experience and brings a strong heritage of flow metering to Avanti and a commitment to serve our customers for years to come.

John Broadway: Territory Manager, covers North Florida from Daytona Beach to Pensacola. South Georgia and Southern Alabama.  John comes to Avanti with a wealth of water and wastewater experience as a professional salesperson and as a contractor.  John’s broad sales and business experience gives him a unique insight to assist our customers to solve their metering application challenges.

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