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CMCE lightning protection | Avanti CompanyCMCE Lightning Protection | Avanti Company

what is the cmce lightning Protection solution

At the forefront of state-of-the-art lightning protection technology, the CMCE120 is redefining worldwide lightning protection solutions by setting all-new benchmarks. A ground-breaking product, the CMCE120 is a major advancement in protecting against the devastating force of lightning strikes.

With its cutting-edge features and unrivaled capabilities, the CMCE120 provides unparalleled protection for people, property, and machinery. For individuals who value dependability and safety above all else in the face of Mother Nature’s wrath, this product performs like no other due to its scientific functionality, sophisticated design, and sturdy build.

With lightning becoming a likely dangerous hazard, the CMCE120 steps up to the plate and offers a level of security that was before unachievable. With its vast variety of lightning mitigation capabilities, it offers people and companies all over the world peace of mind in addition to guaranteeing the protection of assets.

The CMCE120 shines as a beacon of innovation in a world that is changing quickly, promising to be the reliable protector against the unexpected fury of lightning. It creates a safer and more secure future against one of nature’s most powerful enemies as it assumes the role of the new global standard for lightning protection.

If you are new to the CMCE120 or have not yet heard of it’s capabilities, contact us today and our representatives will provide you with the information on the science and dependability of the CMCE120. This modern device is tested and capable of protecting one building, many buildings, or entire acreages or property, equipment, and most importantly, people.

Avanti Company is now one the nation’s leaders in lighting protection. For literature and product recommendations, contact us today at 800-284-5231 or email us and our customer representative will assist you in finding the solution that’s right for you.


How it works

The CMCE120 work tirelessly to defend the region they are intended for. Its major job is to divert any surplus electrical current safely into the ground, which allows it to maintain a protected area within the electromagnetic field. This clever design keeps the electromagnetic field steady and balanced while simultaneously protecting the surrounding area from possible harm.


CMCE120 Lightning Protection & Electromagnetic Shield

CMCE Lightning Protection | Avanti Company


Eliminating upward streamers, or “leaders” which is the first phases of lightning production, is another amazing feature of the CMCE120. The lightning bolt formation process is efficiently stopped by the CMCE by quickly recognizing and neutralizing these leaders. Within its substantial protective radius, this proactive technique considerably minimizes the danger of lightning-related incidents. The CMCE120 is essentially a state-of-the-art lightning protection device that provides thorough coverage and comfort, making it a priceless asset in regions vulnerable to thunderstorms and lightning strikes. Add one to protect a building, or link many to connect your entire property. The CMCE120 is capable of working as a single unit or as a multi-connected system.

Experience the unparalleled protection of our CMCE solutions today. If you have questions about our ideal lightning protection solutions or you’re ready to get started on which solutions is right for you, our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today and allow one of our seasoned professionals to tailor a solution that perfectly aligns with your requirements. Don’t leave your safety to chance – reach out now and discover the peace of mind that comes with our top-tier CMCE solutions.



Operating principlesCMCE Lightning Protection | Avanti Company

Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, the CMCE is exceptional at managing and absorbing electrical charges in a comprehensive manner, providing genuinely unmatched 360° protection. Its functions cover a wide range of important areas and function in unison to provide protection from the powerful forces of nature.

  1. The CMCE is remarkably capable of absorbing charges that appear in the surrounding electromagnetic environment. This implies that when it comes to electrical disruptions, there is no room for surprise because it is capable of identifying and eliminating such dangers from every angle.
  2. The CMCE is more sophisticated than just absorbing these charges; it carefully arranges them inside, lining them up in accordance with their inherent structure. Its ability to manage incoming electrical surges is maximized by this tactical configuration, which allows it to react quickly and accurately when needed.
  3. What really distinguishes the CMCE, though, is its capacity to provide a regulated leakage current flow in a range of milliamperes, contingent upon the ambient meteorological circumstances. It skillfully controls a current between 50mA and 350mA in sunny weather, guaranteeing minimum interference with regular activities. It performs better during the more violent storm phases, safely directing currents between 700 mA and 1.8 aA via the ground wire and into the earth. This clever solution provides an unparalleled level of protection in the face of electrical instability by protecting against lightning-related risks and maintaining the integrity of the protected region.

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Contact the Avanti Company if you are interested in the CMCE120’s  capabilities or if you have any questions about your particular requirements. Our committed staff is available to help answer any questions you may have and point you in the direction of best options for your unique protection needs.

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Product Specifications

DEVICE  6-Modified Capacitors

COVERAGE  393.7 ft (120 m) Radius

DISSIPATION  Up to 900 KV/Microsecond

DIMENSIONS  14.5h x 9.5w inches

WEIGHT  17.5 lbs. (7.983 kg)

POWER  No power required


SPEC SHEET  View full PDF of Spec Sheet


Spec Sheet Summary:

Lightning Protection - Avanti Company

Contact Avanti Company for more details or product specifications.



Technology Comparison: Collection vs. suppression

Collection (Air Terminal) Protection:
  • Points where charges concentrate make them possible targets for lightning strikes.
  • It concentrates charges accidentally, which promotes the formation of lightning.
  • Need several devices to be installed in order to provide effective coverage.
  • Medieval solution for a modern world.
  • “Lightning Rods” attract lightning strikes instead of suppressing them.

Suppression (CMCE) Protection:

  • Overcharges are securely released into the Earth, avoiding accumulation and possible explosions.
  • Keeps the electromagnetic field in equilibrium, which lowers the chance of lightning production.
  • Effectively prevents lightning from developing.
  • Has a remarkable 393-foot coverage radius, offering complete defense against lightning-related risks.

The CMCE’s suppression protection offers a more sophisticated and practical way to reduce lightning dangers by effectively controlling charges and upholding a broad protective radius.

Lightning Protection | Avanti Company


Layout Examples for total lightning protection

Lightning Protection - Avanti CompanyLightning Protection - Avanti Company


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