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The Vital Role of Flow Meters in Sewer Flow Monitoring

When it comes to sewer flow monitoring, flow meters play an integral role in the process. Flow meters measure the speed, rate of flow, and volume of water in a system, so sewer systems can achieve optimal performance that meets strict environmental standards. By accurately measuring the rate of the flow, monitoring changes over time, … Continued

The Avanti Company: Leading the Way in Sewer Flow Monitoring

  Sewer flow monitoring is an essential part of ensuring the safe and proper operation of wastewater collection systems. As such, it is vital for Utilities and Private Sewer Operators (PSO) to stay up to date with the latest regulations, such as those of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Department of Environmental … Continued

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Revolutionizing Wastewater Treatment with Real-Time Data from Flow Meters

  Wastewater treatment, an often unsung but absolutely critical service provided by utilities, is currently facing a deluge of challenges. Frustrations arise from several aspects: decaying infrastructure, mounting regulatory control, expanding populations, overall escalating costs, and the inherent possibility of hefty fines. As the industry navigates these adversities, utilities must have real-time, accurate data at … Continued