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Clear and Accurate Fuel Counting With LectroCount XL LED

Product - XL LED Dis

Liquid Controls is a global leader in cutting-edge Water Meters and Flow Meter Products, and nothing solidifies its well-established reputation for innovation than the LectroCount XL LED Remote Display. Specially designed for refuelers, hydrant carts, and many other industries, it provides reliable information in an accessible and cost-effective way.

With each of its six digits 2¼” (57 mm) tall and composed of 18 high-intensity, red LED lights, the LectroCount’s XL remote display can be seen up to 250 ft (75 m) away. It can also display multiple units of measurement, including gallons, liters, and pounds. The LectroCount has many different functions that make it effective in various scenarios and conditions. Its Remote Display Shield removes screen glare during bright and sunny conditions, while the enclosure is durable and weatherproof, ensuring study long-term use in tough outdoor conditions.

The LectroCount meets NEMA 4X environmental ratings and is compatible with the LectroCount line of Electronic Registers, quadrature pulse output devices, and single channel pulse output devices (including LCMag converters). A Rate of Flow Switch Kit accessory is available for LCR-II applications, allowing you to toggle the XL LED Display readout between volume and flow rate.

With its versatile applications, top-of-the-line construction, and supreme accuracy the LectroCount represents the highest standard of quality and reliability. The Avanti Company is proud to offer this and other effective metering solutions to our valued customers. Learn more by contacting 1-800-284-5231 or info@avanticompany.com.

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