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Cranberry Township Sees Success with RedZone


Last year, Cranberry Township in Pittsburgh decided to make life easier for itself by using a robot designed by RedZone Robotics to inspect its two mile stretch of main sewer line. Prior to this, the sewer lines hadn’t been checked this effectively. The city used a comparably rudimentary process of tethering a camera to a cable manned by a crew of employees that took a significantly longer amount of time than what the robot could cover.

Before Cranberry constructed its second sewer line to meet the demands of a greater number of residents, there was no practical way to shut off sewage flow to allow for a main line inspection. In September, the Cranberry Board of Supervisors signed a contract with RedZone intended to be less expensive than sending out crews to manually inspect pipes in their entirety. Using RedZone’s robots, the process would also cause fewer ground disturbances and annoyances to residents.

With the data captured by the robots, it was easy to detect potential corrosion and take the necessary steps to determine exactly how many inches of pipe were worn, a vital assessment that is simply not feasible with a camera.

Cranberry is among more than 150 cities around the country that have chosen to use RedZone’s robust technology for its water inspection and have achieved successful implementation while cutting down on costs.

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