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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Meters by Liquid Controls


Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is made up of urea and deionized water and is one of the trickiest and most sensitive liquids to handle.  Although it is non-toxic, it is capable of corroding common materials as well as metals like steel, aluminum, iron, and brass.  What’s more, the fluid is susceptible to turning into crystallized salt if it is exposed to air for a prolonged period.  This is where the Liquid Controls DEF Positive Displacement Flowmeter Systems can provide a robust solution.

Liquid Controls DEF Positive Displacement Flowmeter Systems are intentionally designed with a stainless steel housing and polymer components intentionally meant to resist the corrosive effects of DEF.  These systems are also designed with slip-on weld flanges and Run-Dry Sensor protection that create a seal preventing any air exposure, a stark contrast to threaded connections that remain susceptible to DEF weeping.  The system is capable of stopping DEF flow the moment air is detected.  Liquid Controls currently provides a trio of pre-configured flowmeter systems designed to cover most DEF applications.

The Liquid Controls DEF Positive Displacement Flowmeter Systems is the M-7 Class 18 Flowmeter.  It features a wide flow range, low pressure drop, and requires little maintenance while providing the flexibility of multiple position installation and mounting configurations.  The M-7 is capable of providing mechanical registration of ±0.125% and ±0.22% or better in the over 5:1 linearity range and 10:1 range, respectively.

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