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Getting to Know Avanti: Mark Conner

If Brandon Brooks is known for not wearing socks, Mark Conner is better known for the permanently affixed Florida Gator visor on his head. Mark has been an Avanti Field Support Technician for 13 years, and is so well known in the Agricultural and Utility market that he could probably run for Governor. His primary responsibility is the testing, recalibration, and repair of our customers’ Avanti meters.

Customers often comment that they see our Avanti trucks all over the road, and think we have a fleet of dozens of technician vehicles; spending almost 200 days a year on the road, it could very likely just be Mark Connor. Mark tests meters for Farmers, Industrial facilities, and Utilities on a periodic basis, and has become a trusted partner for our customers to meet their regulatory and business requirements.

Even his hard hat has a Gator on it)
Even his hard hat has a Gator on it)

Mark spends his off time with his wife Donna, daughter Cassie, and the children that they foster. Heavily involved in his Church and community, he loves to throw a rod in the water when someone is not already at his secret fishing hole.

Mark slaloming at his advanced age
Mark slaloming at his advanced age

Mark Conner is part of a team of Avanti employees that travel continuously to bring the best products and services possible to our customers all over Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Whether you need meter testing, calibration, or repair, Avanti can assist you to meet the needs of your Farm, Plant, or City Utility.

Please call for Mark or any Avanti employee at 800-284-5231 or visit our website at www.avanticompany.com.

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