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Greenfield, Indiana Relies Sees Great Success with Itron


Greenfield, Indiana has relied on Itron technology for years, relying on the company’s meter usage readers to efficiently gather information for its 15,000+ water and electricity customers.  Just three people were in charge of obtaining monthly meter reads, a process that took about twenty days to complete.  Seeking to improve efficiency and accuracy as well as save time and money, the city was in need of a better solution.

Greenfield’s water reading modernization efforts began in 2012 when it started to replace its water communication modules and electric meters by migrating to Itron’s ChoiceConnect Network system.  In fact, the city would go on to rely entirely on Itron, placing its entire system in the company’s hands.  Because the staff was already familiar with how Itron works, deploying the new technology took a mere three days and happened without any major issues.

Results were almost immediately apparent after installing the ChoiceConnect Network.  What once took twenty days was now being reduced to three or four days and virtually eliminated the need to use trucks, significantly improving the formerly labor-intensive task of reading water meters.  The read rate for water endpoints in pits and electricity meters has remained at 99.9 percent and with the data gathered the city is able to quickly identify abnormalities and inform customers when there may be a leak on their property.

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