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Infosense’s SL-RAT

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The Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT) is a highly portable device capable of assessing a sewer line in under three minutes.  It is comprised of a Transmitter and Receiver, or TX and RX unit, respectively.  The former is responsible for the active acoustic transmission via the pipe while the latter has a microphone and signal processing capabilities to listen and interpret the received acoustic signal.  Collectively, the SL-RAT can easily and quickly identify possible obstructions and it provides rapid assessment to assist in focusing cleaning resources.

Major features of the SL-RAT include its simplicity, portability, and low cost and its GPS capabilities.  Its no flow contact and no confined space entry also make it highly efficient.  These features allow the SL-RAT to quickly assess large areas of collection systems, allowing workers to concentrate their efforts on cleaning the dirtiest pipes.  All data is archived and the rating system from zero to ten allows users to easily determine the level of build up and/or obstruction.

The Avanti Company, provides Flow Meters and Metering Systems products including Sewer Line Assessment Tools and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to maximize and better utilize the data coming into your Utility.  Call 1-800-284-5231 for additional information on water and wastewater system products like Infosense’s SLRAT or visit our website at www.avanticompany.com to learn more about the services we provide including on-site flow meter testing, sewer flow monitoring, and metering system support.

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