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Itron Idea Labs Leads the Way


Most people recognize Itron as being a well-known metering company for water, gas, and electricity utilities, but the role of its Idea Labs unit as an innovator has turned it into a modern technology and services company processing huge amounts of data into incredibly useful information.

Take for example the Itron Riva platform. Utilizing the power of what’s called “distributed intelligence”, power, gas, and water networks can address opportunities and problems in a much more efficient manner thanks to the platform’s robust computing capabilities. The platform’s ability to allow third parties to expand upon its existing technology creates tremendous prospects for innovation.

Idea Labs has managed to become a genuine innovator, avoiding the legalities and management red tape that derail other companies from realizing their true innovation potential. Although it didn’t officially launch until February of this year, Idea Labs and its twenty person team has streamlined its efforts to focus squarely on their target customers, specifically addressing what their problem is, and devising innovative solutions that solve these problems. Idea Labs works closely with existing companies under contract and utilizes existing Itron technology, two factors that significantly boost the idea process.

To learn more about how Itron continues to innovate and the importance of staying competitive, you can read the full article at the following link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/peterdetwiler/2016/05/02/itrons-idea-labs-innovate-or-risk-being-pushed-aside/#ff5adfe146da.

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