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Considering that over twenty percent of the water being pumped through a distribution system is lost to leakage, detecting a leak early within a distribution system can provide considerable benefits.  Service territories are continually expanding, and the costs of water distribution and extraction are also increasing, which further affects the importance of factoring in water loss when making decisions involving conservation and budgeting.  Leaky pipes can potentially add years to the timing of infrastructure expansion projects, so it’s important to have a leak detection program in place that offers affordability and reliability and can also boost operational efficiency.

A significant difference with Itron’s leak detection solutions is how it enables utilities to avoid pricey pipe failures by proactively managing non-revenue water.  Upon deployment, Itron technology including Mlog leak sensors and Mlogonline hosted software utilities can interpret, organize, and optimize leak data on both the supply and demand side remotely within close intervals.  Personnel that are in the field can focus on current and emerging leaks by developing action plans as part of a comprehensive program designed for detection and repair.  This system can be seamlessly integrated into everyday operations, and utilities will see the results of conservation and the cost benefits as soon as the first leak is reported.

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