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Macao’s Ongoing Success with Elster Meters


Saline tides and water pollution are two factors affecting the region of Macao’s already limited natural water resources.  The region has experienced significant economic growth that’s lead to a strong increase in population and visitors, reinforcing the need to prioritize and protect the region’s natural water resources and boost conservation efforts.  The Macao Water Supply Company currently provides water to over 450,000 people.

Macao Water Supply chose to go with the domestic water metering technology of Elster, specifically its V100 water meter as a complement to the Elster meters that were already installed in Macao.  The V100 is among the world’s bestselling domestic water meters and also meets the international ISO 4064 standards.  It is recognized for its high accuracy, ease of reading, and a construction designed to protect against tampering.  The V100 is also acclaimed for its strong durability and top notch performance thanks to its grooved piston, requiring very little maintenance over its lifetime.

With the success of the V100, Macao continued to choose Elster, opting to go with its Q4000 battery-powered electromagnetic bulk meter that easily allows measuring water flow within commercial buildings.  Macao continues to stick with Elster’s high performance and reliable water meters for more than five decades.

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