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Made in the U.S.A.: Itron


Our second Made in the U.S.A. spotlight is on American technology company Itron, headquartered in the city of Liberty Lake, Washington. Itron’s services and products include a multitude of solutions relating to gas and water, including consumption, analyzation, measurement devices, and much more.

All of Itron’s meter module technology as well as its water loss management solutions are brainstormed, designed and assembled in its Waseca, Minnesota facility, while its meter reading technology such as its fixed network and mobile collection systems are designed at its Liberty Lake corporate headquarters. In fact, all of Itron’s solutions are developed and manufactured right here in the United States including in Raleigh, North Carolina and Oakland, California, creating over 1,500 manufacturing jobs and dramatically improving responses in regards to customer needs.

Water ERT Modules like the 100W are ideal for water utilities dealing with meter pit environments that are harsh and unforgiving. Its through the lid antenna optimizes the read-rate reliability of Itron’s robust fixed network systems for water utilities that deploy the 100W+ in conditions where flooding is a common occurrence.  In addition the 100W+ endpoint can be used with Itron’s leak sensors to provide a live leak detection system.  The 100W+ can also be hooked to an automatic shut-off valve to disconnect non-paying customers without rolling a truck.  The Itron 100W+ endpoint is manufactured in Waseca, Minnesota.

Most of the Companies that Avanti represents offer Made in USA products including Itron, McCrometer, Liquid Controls, Hach Flow, RedZone Robotics, Infosense, Top Tech, Nicor, and 64 Seconds.  Avanti could not be prouder to be offering Made in USA products that support the US economy and all of us who live here.  For additional information about Avanti and our products like water meters, please visit our website at www.avanticompany.com or call us at toll free 800-284-5231.

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