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McCrometer: Proudly Made in the USA


We’re shifting our attention to some of the products we sell from domestic companies that manufacture their offerings within the United States. We’ll begin our Made in the U.S.A. series with a few of the Flow Meters made by McCrometer, Inc. in their manufacturing facility in Hemet, Ca.

McCrometer offers a wide range of large flow meters under the brand names of Water Specialties and McCrometer.  These meters have a tremendous reputation in the markets they serve for reliability and design excellence.

Some of the meters include the Full Profile Insertion Mag (FPI), it’s Sister meter the Single Point Insertion Mag (SPI) and the Irrigation version, McMag 3000.  These meters have revolutionized the industry in the ability to install them in places that traditional design meters will not work.  McCrometer also offers the versatile UM series custom lay length flanged tube mag meter that is specifically designed to work in water and wastewater applications better than other generically designed meters in the market.

McCrometer also offers V cone design differential pressure meters available in almost every material and lay length to fit the customer’s needs no matter what they are replacing or using the  meter to do.

In addition McCrometer has led the industry in Propeller meter design, offering a wide range of variants from saddle type meters to vertical flow and flanged tube meters capable to meet most applications. 

All of these meter are manufactured, assembled and tested in McCrometer’s California factory.  The Avanti Company is pleased to have represented McCrometer for almost 40 years and provided these flow meters to thousands of customers in Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

Most of the Companies that Avanti represents offer Made in USA products including McCrometer, Itron , Liquid Controls, Hach Flow, RedZone Robotics, Infosense, Top Tech, Nicor, and 64 Seconds.  Avanti could not be prouder to be offering Made in USA products that support the US economy and all of us who live here.  For additional information about Avanti and our products like water meters, please visit our website at www.avanticompany.com or call us at toll free 800-284-5231.

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