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McCrometer Solutions for Vineyard Managers


A major problem affecting the state of California is the ongoing drought, considered one of the most severe.  Its effects can cause major problems for the many vineyards, which is why it’s so critical to focus on conserving resources and ensuring vineyard efficiency.  Thanks to McCrometer’s CONNECT Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) System, grape growers have a robust solution to ensure that vineyards can continue to function efficiently and remain profitable by improving irrigation management and reducing costs.

There is a tremendous amount of expense and data collection involved in manually collecting irrigation data.  By combining McCrometer CONNECT with the McPropeller SpaceSaver meter, accurate flow data including seasonal, daily, or weekly water use records can be accessed wirelessly.  The easily installed SpaceSaver features built-in flow conditioning to prevent swirl and other irregular flow conditions.

Vineyard managers already have busy schedules and the TrendView Mobile app can provide the essential information right on a tablet or smartphone including soil moisture, water level, and more.  The app also features integrated disease risk modules that can display information like grape powdery mildew risks, reducing the odds of an outbreak.

The Avanti Company, provides Flow Meter Products, Liquid Controls and Metering Systems including water meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to maximize and better utilize the data coming into your Utility.  Call 1-800-284-5231 for additional information on water wastewater system products like Itron or visit our website at www.avanticompany.com to learn more about the services we provide including on-site flow meter testing, sewer flow monitoring, and metering system support.

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