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Avanti is your #1 source for Metering Systems, where you can find McCrometer products. McCrometer recently released new information on their Hach Flow DDS product. Their article promotes Hach Flow’s Data Delivery Services (DDS) as an efficient and cost-effective solution for analyzing Inflow & Infiltration (I&I) in collection systems during wet-weather seasons. Without requiring a substantial time or expense commitment, DDS provides rapid access to the required I&I information. Through the use of DDS, ramp-up times are reduced, and Hach Flow provides all necessary equipment, saving customers money and time by removing the need for long-term inventory purchases.

The fact that DDS uses cutting-edge wireless flow loggers to monitor flow sites and provide real-time monitoring of the system’s response to I&I is one of the main advantages that are emphasized. Users are empowered to make well-informed decisions quickly thanks to this instant feedback, which improves the efficacy of their projects.

If you’re interested in the new Hach Flow DDS system and want to discuss how it can work for you, contact us today and one of our meter system professionals can assist you. In conclusion, Hach Flow DDS pledges to provide the appropriate information, quickly producing the appropriate outcomes—a demonstration of their dedication to efficacy and efficiency in handling information and data in gathering systems.

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