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New Technology Can Accurately Determine Leaks


The International Water Management Institute estimates that by the year 2025, just over thirty percent of the world’s population will have to deal with water scarcity, and one of the primary culprits behind it  is leaks.

It’s estimated that anywhere between twenty to thirty percent of treated water is lost in systems due to this problem which has a fixable solution. While it is fixable, the costs associated with excavation and resurfacing require that any repairs be precise.

To address this leak situation, researchers at Concordia University in Canada have devised an innovative solution. Called a noise logger, this tool can detect underground leaks with 99.5 accuracy and efficiency prior to requiring major roadwork.  Not only can the approach reduce the leak duration, it can also cut down on the time and cost typically required to determine the site that needs to be repaired.

The team behind the noise loggers visited Doha, Qatar to test the noise logger. The nation is known for its incredibly low precipitation rates and incredibly high evaporation rates. Because of how quickly the water is reabsorbed by the atmosphere, Qatar faces water supply challenges. In fact, it’s estimated that Qatar’s water distribution network experiences over thirty percent water loss due to leaks.

After installing noise loggers along the main water network and several weeks of testing, the team was able to accurately determine 99.5 percent of leak locations.

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