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Product Profile – The Elster Q700


Elster, a global leader in intelligent Water Meters, is leading the way in smart metering technology with the Q700 Fluidic Oscillator, which addresses all the challenges and demands of modern Utilities. With widespread use across the world, including some of the harshest conditions on the planet, its reliability is well established.

The Elster Q700 is distinct in many ways, ranging from its design to its materials. By relying on the cutting-edge science of fluidic oscillation, which requires no moving parts, it can measure water in volumetric units with precise accuracy, all while precluding the need for components that often wear and tear over the long-term.

The Q700 subsequently exceeds standard AWWA C713 requirements, and it displays improved linearity of accuracy over mechanical met sizes 5/8” through 1”. Its virtual immunity to particulate matter like sand, grit, and fine silt means you can expect such top-notch performance for some time. Utilities will enjoy considerable saving.

Extensive client testimonials, as well as a series of rigorous independent tests, back the Q700’s famed capacity to reduce water revenue. The clear LCD display make for quick and easy analysis, while its compatibility with AMR/AMI systems make it ideal for modern Utilities. The meter can be customized with factory potted connections to offer more installation options and greater longevity in pit environments.

For more information on the Elster Q700, as well as other top-notch Flow Meter Products offered by the Avanti Company, call 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.

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