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Revolutionize Your Agriculture with McCrometer’s Mc Mag3000™

McCrometer’s Mc Mag3000™


Are you a grower or irrigator in search of a solution that ensures optimal flow measurement for your operation? The award-winning Mc Mag3000™ from McCrometer is redefining the agricultural industry with its innovation, ultra-high precision, and unprecedented longevity.


With a heritage of over 65 years, the time-tested excellence of McCrometer is echoed strongly in their Mc Mag3000™. Uniquely designed for effortless installation, this device brings to the table a 5-year meter warranty and a corresponding 5-year battery life. Now that’s an investment that’s designed to deliver great long-term value. 


The Mc Mag3000™ is available in varying sizes to match your needs exactly, accommodating agricultural line sizes from a 4” to 12” diameter pipe. With this versatility, big farms or small, every user can reap the optimal benefits.


The driving force behind the magic of Mc Mag3000™ is its precision electromagnetic sensor. This sensor operates at an impressive accuracy rate of ±1%, irrespective of shifting velocities in the pipe. This milestone is achieved by continuously capturing mean velocity from its multiple electrodes. Add to this the brilliant design that naturally sheds debris, and you have a flow meter that’s engineered to precision, standing up to even the murkiest water applications.


The Mc Mag3000’s unique saddle mount design is wizardry simplified. Equipped with a precision sensor, an integrated electronic converter package with data logging capacity, the meter delivers pin-point accurate flow measurement for full-pipe flow monitoring applications.


In addition, get connected with McCrometer’s brand-new wireless system, McCrometer CONNECT. This provision is designed to give you hassle-free access to flow data, just by logging on to the internet. So, bid goodbye to costly, manual meter readings once and for all. 


Step into the next generation of flow meter technology with McCrometer’s Mc Mag3000™. No farm is too big or too small to benefit from the efficiency that this device offers. Put the control back in your hands, with real-time data you can rely on.


To learn more about the Avanti Company and the services and products we provide, including the McCrometer’s Mc Mag3000™, please visit us online or call us at 800.284.5231.


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