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Revolutionizing Water Management with Propeller Meters

Water Management with Propeller Meters


As industry-leading distributors, we prioritize offering superior and steadfast water metering solutions to each of our customers. One such innovative solution you’ll find in our extensive range of products is the exceptionally reliable propeller meter.


Propeller meters are instrumental in various industrial and commercial activities, offering precise readings regarding water flow rates through pipes. Imagine a simple yet effective mechanism – a rotating propeller harnesses the flowing water’s force to measure its velocity, irrespective of the environment it resides in. 


Trustworthiness is a well-known trait closely associated with propeller meters. Not only do they provide consistent accuracy over a broad spectrum of water velocities, but their structure also emits resilience. Propeller meters are seamlessly designed to withstand time’s erosive wear and tear, making them perfect for long-term applications. 


Another significant attribute to consider about propeller meters is the ease of installation. Propeller meters are ideal for any site, even those where a consistent power source isn’t feasible, given their self-powered structure. It’s simply about placing it where it needs to fit, and the tool does the rest, saving you time, effort, and largely, inconvenience. 


At the Avanti Company, monitoring water doesn’t have to be a headache – that’s what we are here for! Aside from top-notch water metering technology, what sets us apart is the iron-clad support we offer our clientele. From installing the new hardware to ensuring trouble-free setup, our technical team is available to assist you every step of the way. Because as we see it, the relationship with you, our client, doesn’t end at mere purchase, it’s about robust support and unparalleled services throughout the product life cycle, shaping an unbroken chain of trust. 



Since 1977, The Avanti Company has set the standard in the Florida measurement and control market. For top-notch utility systems and flow meters, trust our decades of expertise—visit us online or call 800.284.5231.

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