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The Avanti Company is Featured by Highlands Today


The Avanti Company has long prided itself on giving customers the best in Flow Meters and metering solutions. Customer satisfaction and a job well done are enough of a reward for us, but it is always nice to get a little recognition, most recently from Highlands Today, an edition of the Tampa Tribune.

The article charts Avanti’s evolution from a “Mom-and-Pop operation in the bedroom of the family house off Tulane Circle”, to one of the southeastern United States’ leading specialists in flow meters and metering systems. We’ve only gotten bigger since Paul and Justine Devlin set out to offer Utilities and businesses the best in metering solutions.

On Aug. 1, the Avanti Co. expanded into Alabama as the exclusive representative for McCrometer and Water Specialties meters in that state.

In 2010 and beginning again in 2013, the company has had representatives based in Gainesville, Georgia, serving north Georgia, and in Tallahassee, serving south Georgia.
In his office Friday morning, the Devlins’ son and now the company owner-president, Tim Devlin, said downtime has become harder to come by over the past month.

But he said he was proud to see his company flowing out from Florida’s borders. He partly credited his two sales representatives with enabling the company to expand its market.

“They wanted to increase sales and realized there were opportunities to expand into those markets. There was some initial hesitation when the offer was made. We had to talk to the sales reps to see if it was something they could handle,” said Devlin. “And we’re looking to hire a new service tech as we speak.”

The two representatives are Jacque Stevens, who will be servicing the Birmingham, Alabama area (678-520-7205 /jstevens@avanticompany.com); and Brandon Brooks, who will be representing Avanti in the Montgomery, Alabama area from his current base of operations in Tallahassee, from where he also serves Florida and Georgia (850-321-7877 / bbrooks@avanticompany.com).

Down the road, Avanti plans to bring water and Flow Meter Products currently available in Florida and Georgia into Alabama, namely electromagnetic, propeller, and insertion meters. As our customers’ demands grow, so too will our services and product lines.

Needless to say, Avanti is proud to see the hard work and expertise of our valued associates get the spotlight it deserves. We are even more pleased to be helping more clients enjoy better cost saving through our state-of-the-art line of metering tools. To learn more, contact the Avanti Company at 800-284-5231 or info@avanticompany.com.

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