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The City of Arlington Saves with RedZone Robotics


Earlier this year, the City of Arlington, Texas launched a robot intended to explore the many miles of its underground sanitary sewer lines. Better known as the MSI HD Profiler by RedZone Robotics, it is outfitted with cutting edge sensors deigned to find obstructions and structural flaws before they become a major and costly problem.

The MSI HD Profiler includes sonar and laser sensors and an HD camera that can analyze sewer pipe interiors, even those of large diameter. In the case of Arlington, a solution was required that would be able to efficiently analyze over 45 miles of sewer pipe over a three year period while also prioritizing certain sections that would immediately require repairs or entire replacement. One of the MSI HD Profiler’s first lofty tasks involved evaluating more than 2,500 feet of 54-inch sanitary sewer buried beneath a parking lot.

While the robot is doing its job, Utility engineers can review footage as well as reports as the robot makes it way through pipes. Cracks, thinning pipe walls, debris, sediment build up, the MSI HD Profiler can detect these issues before they result in potentially catastrophic situations such as a sewage leak or an entire street collapse. Thanks to the robot, the city of Arlington was able to save money by simply identifying which sections of pipe required work instead of replacing entire lengths that may still be in good shape.

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