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The Guardian Endpoint Installation System

The Guardian Meter Box Inflow Cap 2015

AMR and AMI radio endpoints often operate in tough conditions that can impede performance and contribute to environmental damage of the hardware. The new Guardian Endpoint Installation System was devised specifically to address the common challenges faced by difficult installation conditions and protect the Utility’s investment in the advanced metering technologies available.

The Guardian is a thermoformed tray that encompasses an AMR/AMI radio endpoint and fits securely between the meter box and lid. In addition to protecting the meter box from water, dirt, and other contaminates that can infiltrate from the top, it can also be used to attach the radio to the underside of the box, preventing wires from coming up when the box lid is lifted open. The Guardian has been designed to hold most of the AMR or AMI endpoints on the market today.

In addition to protecting an AMR/AMI transmitter, the Guardian enhances its functionality by bringing it close to the top of the meter box lid and away from flooded pits, helping to improve radio propagation. Thanks to its custom molding process, the radio endpoint can be positioned and mounted to provide optimal performance.

In short, the Guardian keeps transmitters dry, minimizes inflow contaminates, reduces field maintenance, and ultimately increases long life performance. And with no drilling or other mounting hardware required, it is a simple and effective installation. Any Utility seeking to maximize the performance of its AMR system should consider this state-of-the-art solution.

The Avanti Company is proud to be the sole source provider of the Guardian in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. To learn more about this or other Flow Meter Products, call 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.

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