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The McCrometer McMag 3000 Flow Meter


The McCrometer McMag 3000 has received awards and accolades for providing a new method of flow measurement, especially for irrigators and growers.  This flow meter has a battery life that is guaranteed to last a minimum of five years and also includes data logging features plus an easy to install saddle mount design that focuses on durability.

McCrometer has developed innovative products for the agriculture market for more than fifty years.  The McCrometer McMag 3000 can be used in a variety of agricultural applications including water distribution, well monitoring, chemigation and center pivot systems.  The electromagnetic sensor is designed to focus on optimum accuracy, as low as ±1%.  The flow meter can also naturally shed debris, further improving its durability and it can be installed on pipe sizes between four to twelve inches.  In keeping with its focus on simple installation and ease of use, the converter display presents all relevant data by just flipping open the meter lid.  Furthermore, the McMag 3000 is designed to work seamlessly with the wireless McCrometer CONNECT system.

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