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Utilizing Flow Meters for Water Management: Part 1


There are several municipal water applications where flow meters are becoming vital tools, and today we’ll take a look at the first of these: District Metering. Relying heavily on advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technologies, supervisory control and the acquisition of data, implementing district metering strategies allows utilities to make better use of water data analytics. These analytics typically begin with flow meters designed to measure the amount of water being produced and pumped into a system, how much of it may be flowing beyond a certain point, and how this water arrives to a customer.

To illustrate, let’s assume a scenario where a Utility pumps a total of one million gallons into an empty supply zone, with two different districts each receiving 500,000 gallons via their district meters. The Utility can safely assume that there is no risk of potential water losses or leakage among the main and district meters. Should one district receive slightly less than the other, the Utility becomes almost instantaneously aware that there may be an issue in terms of leakage or system distribution. The process can be utilized across the entirety of a distribution system to determine potential leaks or other serious issues.

We live in a time when the quality, scarcity and delivery costs associated with the water is becoming a worldwide situation. Because of this, effective flow meters are more essential than ever as a means of managing water. Today’s meters feature innovative technology, advanced intelligence, and communication capabilities focused on providing flexibility, resulting in accurate flow data available on demand regardless of location. When determining the right meter for your needs, make sure to take into account its service life, maintenance, and the ease of installation. As water management tools, an effective flow meter will end up paying for itself.

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