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Utilizing Flow Meters for Water Management: Part 3


We conclude our three-part Utilizing Flow Meters for Water Management blog series by shedding some light on pump optimization.

The process involved in moving raw water through treatment and then to delivery via the operation of pumps is one of the biggest costs a municipal water utility has to deal with. Multiple sources are often used to draw the water and the municipality must also contend with operating multiple treatment plans while also servicing communities that necessitate an elaborate network of pumping stations. By accurately measuring flow, pump demand cycles can be optimized to reduce energy costs, as these may vary throughout the day based on the utility’s rate structure.

When operators have precise totalized flows and flow rates, they can pick and choose the number of pumps they choose to run at one time as well as knowing when they should be operated to seize upon the lowest utility rates. Having flow information readily available when necessary allows utilities the ability to make any required tweaks in order to adapt to changing flow conditions.

Flow meters can also be utilized to test the pumps themselves to ensure operating efficiency. This is accomplished by taking a look at the flow data and comparing it with a pump’s operating specifications. Should there be two matching measurements, the totalized flow or flow rate is therefore confirmed. Should a difference exist, the pump may require adjustments or maintenance.

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