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Weather Station Funding


The Florida Automated Weather Network (FAWN) provides current weather data via a system of weather stations that are automated and are found throughout the state, consistently reporting current data.  Farmers that install weather stations on their farms are eligible to receive a subsidy from the state, and they can also utilize the information reported by these stations for their own farming purposes.  By adding meters and sensors to evaluate soil moisture, farmers have the most up to date data on the best time to irrigate and water withdrawals from the aquifer.

The Avanti Company currently provides solutions for evaluating soil moisture and modern weather stations by brands like McCrometer and its robust Connect system, currently the leading manufacturer of remote monitoring for irrigation management.  The McCrometer Standard Weather Station is available pre-configured and can measure wind speed, temperature, and relative humidity.  It also comes with a rain gauge and reports data every 15 minutes.

We can assist farmers in obtaining weather station funding, including soil moisture probes.  A variety of agencies are available designed to assist farmers with Best Management Practices (BMP).  Upon BMP setup, a farmer is eligible to receive reimbursement moneys.  If you have a farm and have already setup BMP or if you have a prospective customer, call Susie Bishop to assist with determining whether there is funding available in the area.  Susie can also assist farmers looking to install a FAWN approved weather station by joining the waiting/approval list and receiving a quote. Call 800-284-5231 for more information.

The Avanti Company, provides Flow Meter Products, Liquid Controls and Metering Systems including water meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to maximize and better utilize the data coming into your Utility.  Call 1-800-284-5231 for additional information on our weather stations or visit our website at www.avanticompany.com to learn more about the services we provide including on-site flow meter testing, sewer flow monitoring, and metering system support.

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