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Where are Brandon’s Socks?

Brandon Brooks is The Avanti Company’s representative for North Florida, Southern Georgia and Alabama, covering everything from Daytona Beach and Jacksonville to Pensacola, Montgomery, Al. and Albany, Ga. Brandon represents all of Avanti’s products in Florida, including Itron, Water Specialties/McCrometer, Liquid Controls, Hach Flow, FlowMec and Elster water and wastewater flow meters, as well as RedZone Robotics and Infosense wastewater asset management tools. Brandon also represents Nicor meter box lids and brackets and Do-Mac meter testers.

Brandon practicing his manhole diving
Brandon practicing his manhole diving

A native of Albany, Ga., Brandon currently lives in Tallahassee with his wife Abby and two daughters, Anna and Blair. He is a true road warrior and dedicated specialist, travelling great distances to get to all of his customers across three states – even through notorious Jacksonville traffic. Since joining Avanti in 2011, Brandon has quickly become a leader in offering strong technical solutions to answer our customers’ flow meter and metering systems challenges. Brandon is also working closely with Utilities on wastewater asset management solutions.


Brandon with Anna and Blair enjoying North Florida Living
Brandon with Anna and Blair enjoying North Florida Living

When not staring through the windshield of his car, you will find Brandon staring through the windshield of his boat, headed out to Dog Island or some other secluded fishing hole in the Gulf with his family and friends. Brandon is famous for not wearing socks, and he has been unwilling to answer the question of whether he was wearing socks on his wedding. Maybe only Abby knows for sure.

Please contact Brandon to assist with all of your Flow Meter and Wastewater System application needs. You can reach Brandon at 850-321-7877 or bbrooks@avanticompany.com or call Avanti at 800-284-5231 or info@avanticompany.com.

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