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Why The Avanti Company is Proud to Be a Partner of Hach


Committed to offering customers only the finest Water Meters and Flow Meter Products on the market, The Avanti Company strives to partner with industry specialists that excel in innovation, reliability, and service excellence. That is why proudly partner with Hach, among the world’s leading providers of dependable metering solutions.

For decades, Hach has been a pioneer in developing top-notch flow monitoring tools for Utilities across the world. Its systems are engineered to vastly simplify the analysis process, offering online instrumentation, user-friendly methods, and helpful technical support for precise measurements at great cost-effectiveness

Hach’s success can be attributed in large part to its tireless ability to adapt and expand its products to fit the changing need of Utilities. It is a tireless innovator when it comes to providing the fastest, easiest, and more efficient solutions to monitoring needs. Little wonder why Hach products are highly sought-after across the nation.

The manufacturer’s steadfast commitment to innovation can be encapsulated by its flagship line of world-class loggers, the Hach FL900 series. Encompassing models like the Hach US9001 In-Pipe and Hach US9003 Down-Looking, this line of monitoring systems offers such benefits as level-only alarming and redundant-level functionality, as well as radar, electromagnetic, and acoustic Doppler methods, and much more.

The Hach FL900 can accommodate up to four sensor connections, and is compatible with Hach’s equally hi-tech Data Delivery Services (DDS), a wireless system that provides real-time flow data through FSDATA web-based software. By providing reliable, wireless flow meter inventory, the DDS-backed Hach FL9000 drastically expands operational efficiency while all but eliminating the costs of installation and maintenance.

Hach backs all its products with some of the industry’s best valued added services, such as 24/7 monitoring of all wirelessly-networked flow meters (with a guaranteed 95 percent uptime) and total repairs and replacement at no additional cost. Hach services can even be tailored to resolve particular issues, such as budget, technology, resource, and staff.

With Hach products and services, your operations can enjoy vastly greater efficiency and savings. To learn more about what Hach can do for you, contact the Avanti Company at 800-284-5231 or info@avanticompany.com.

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