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3 Contributing Factors to McCrometer’s Low Lead Times

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McCrometer has just announced that they have been able to maintain low lead times despite the current supply chain crisis, which has caused delays for many manufacturers in acquiring raw materials and shipping products. McCrometer attributes its ability to deliver flow measurement devices in a timely manner to three main factors: lean manufacturing for high-quality output, an optimized inventory management system, and the use of American-sourced raw materials.

McCrometer’s lean manufacturing methods allow for agile production processes and the ability to respond to changes in the supply chain, while strategic inventory buffers help absorb demand fluctuations. McCrometer’s inventory management system includes proprietary software that considers various factors such as vendor lead times, procurement schedules, customer demand, and material usage to trigger the buying process.

Additionally, McCrometer practices lean manufacturing methods by partially manufacturing or pre-assembling certain meter components prior to orders being placed to shorten lead times. Lastly, McCrometer prioritizes American-sourced raw materials to eliminate reliance on overseas shipments and possible delays.

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