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4 Ways AMRs Are Changing the Water Utilities Industry

AMR share nearly doubled since 2012, an 18.5% jump, driven primarily from water shortages and the need for preservation. Smart technology collection system meters help detect leaks, causing less water to be wasted. In addition, smart metering technology enables the detection of pipe faults and allows for efficient asset management. 


Economies are recovering from the pandemic, making stakeholders likely to continue investing in transforming technology to smart meters, increasing billions of dollars within the next five years. This is good news industry-wide since water leaks cost $39 billion a year. 


AMR meters allow for better frequency and data collection with a flow meter. Data is shown in real-time and allows customers and businesses to work instantaneously to repair leaks and optimize consumption. 


AMRs are generally cost-effective. Overhauling an entire metering system may overwhelm providers, but AMRs can be retrofitted into on-site meters that are already part of a system, making the transformation process practically painless. 


AMRs save water. They help customers see their usage and monitor it closely while allowing utility companies to monitor and detect leaks. Hands-on, quick technology means keeping a close eye on metering, making way for conscious consumption. 


Using an AMR can also save human resources (HR services). Manual reading meters take up much of an employee’s time and can even prove hazardous if they are difficult to read positions. An automated process means more time and safety for utility employees. 


With an AMR, customers are more likely to be engaged. Enabling the flow of information readily available to customers helps them better understand how they use water, providing a sense of control over their utilities. 


As the water utility industry becomes digitized, we can expect to see more usage of AMRs and preservation of precious resources such as time and water, making way for the best technology possible. 

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