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Top 2022 Products from Avanti Company

The Avanti Company is your top source for all your flow meter applications and needs. Our expertise and team of experienced professionals can connect you to the necessary data with our flow meter and monitoring systems. We also offer irrigation flow meters among our extensive collection of collection system meters.


One of our top products in this line comes from McCrometer. The MC Mag 3000 is a battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter for agriculture and irrigation applications. In 2014, it won the World AG Expo Top-10 New Product, awarded by the International Agri-Center.


The MC Mag 3000 is easy to install and is durable enough to provide dependable results for a guarantee of 5-year (for battery life). The saddle mount design provides a virtually hassle-free installation experience, while the robust construction and sensor design naturally shed debris.


It is useful for agricultural water applications that include:


  • Irrigation

  • Center pivot systems

  • Well monitoring

  • Water distribution

  • Golf courses

  • Surface water

  • Chemigation

  • Livestock waste lagoon


The Mc Mag 300 provides those in the industry with a dependable solution to agricultural flow measurement. It is available in sizes ranging from four to 12 inch diameter pipes. It is also telemetry ready to be read remotely, alleviating hassle for labor.


With the Mc Mag 3000, you will get:


  • Accuracy: ± 2% with default calibration and ± 1% with custom factory calibration

  • Battery power: three 3.6V lithium-thionyl chloride size D field-replaceable batteries

  • Outputs: open collector digital outputs

  • Converter rating: IP-67 Certified

  • Data logger: 5 or more years of data (cable sold separately)


The Mc Mag 3000 can be ordered online through the Avanti Company.

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