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Achieve Superb Data Management With FlightConnect


Liquid Controls Flow Meters are popular in the aviation industry for their incredible accuracy and top-notch performance. FlightConnect are specially designed to work with these meters to provide an automated, easy-to-use, and highly efficient data management system – saving you time, money, and peace of mind.

Instead of manual data entry – e.g. writing tickets and physically delivering them to the office – fuelers can just enter flight details into an electronic register (such as the LectroCount LCR 600) or a DMS in-cab system, which prints the ticket while also delivering all the details wirelessly to your office.

Whether fueling takes place at the gate or at the aircraft, FlightConnect circumvents the time-consuming process of handwritten tickets with quick and direct delivery of data – without the need for third-party handheld devices. Not only does this significantly reduce fueling times, but it is markedly more efficient and reliable.

To increase operational efficiency and reduce data entry errors, FlightConnect cleverly organizes the data field and formats to allow your office software to easily import it into your fuel management system. It even comes with proprietary software that empowers you to create and manage all aspects of the database.

FlightConnect saves on fueling time while cutting the common errors caused by lost or unreadable tickets and inaccurate data entries. This in turn greatly reduces inventory reconciliations and reworking; in the event such reconciliation is needed, FlightConnect can help you easily pinpoint oversights. It can also monitor differential pressure and shutdown accordingly.

FlightConnect is the ultimate companion to any modern fueling operation. To learn more, contact the Avanti Company 800-284-5231 or info@avanticompany.com.

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