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Advanced Metering Solutions Benefit All Utilities

The use of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) are undoubtedly the future of Utilities across the country. Such intelligent approaches to data collection and management optimize performance while boosting customer satisfaction, leading to significant cost-savings in the long-term.

Previously, these two approaches were adopted mostly by larger Utilities. But over the years, they have become cheaper to purchase, implement, and maintain, allowing even small-budget operations to make use of their well-documented advantages. Despite the challenge associated with their implementation, AMR/AMI systems are more accessible and vital than ever.

Small Utilities have much to gain by turning to these systems. They face the same needs and challenges as larger counterparts but with comparatively fewer resources. There is also the understandable concern about risks, such as vendors going out of business or AMR/AMI technologies become obsolete or inoperable.

Thankfully, a lot has changed in the years since these systems came onto the scene. Industry consolidation has decreased the risk in obsolescence and lack of technical support. Systems are made increasingly more streamlined and cost-effective to implement in-house, with manufacturers and vendors providing installation and support services more affordably than ever.

AMI data management relies increasingly on accessible and easy-to-use cloud-based software, which precludes the need for more expensive IT personnel and equipment. Vendors also offer far more versatile options than they once did, allowing small- and mid-sized Utilities to choose from a selection of plans that save money and accommodate their unique circumstances (for example, partial AMI installation that can work with existing older AMR systems).

In short, not only are AMR/AMI systems as invaluable as ever for Utilities of all sizes, but they are far more palatable for a variety of budgetary parameters. The Avanti Company offers over 30 years of combined experience in AMR/AMI Support, ensuring optimal performance for your Utility with the utmost cost-effectiveness.

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