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Agricultural Debris Flow Meter Recommendations

Due to the fact that agricultural surface water applications divert water from lakes, rivers, or other similar sources, natural vegetation is abundant and frequently flows into the pipeline alongside the water. These surface water bodies may accumulate grass, moss, leaves, and other materials when irrigators pump water out of them. 


Although these surface water sources are frequently screened by irrigators, some organic matter may still get through. These substances and sediments can interfere with the accuracy of mechanical meters by getting stuck in one of the moving parts or catching on the propeller. 


Certain electromagnetic (mag) flow meters’ liners may rip or tear from rough particulates in larger sediment debris, which could lead to expensive meter replacement and functional problems. Mag meters with lifetime guarantees against delamination, like McCrometer’s Dura Mag™ or the Mc Mag3000™, are coated in fusion-bonded epoxy to create a tough flow meter that can withstand abrasive particulates. For applications involving debris, McCrometer’s full-bore mag, the Dura Mag, is highly advised because it doesn’t obtrude on the line and is extremely accurate up to ± 1% in line sizes 2” – 12”.


Flow readings from an ultrasonic meter, which uses a transducer mounted on the pipe’s exterior to transmit sound waves, can be inaccurate if the water in question contains air bubbles, particulate matter, or any other form of contamination. Mag meters, on the other hand, generally function quite well in flow that is more contaminated and debris-filled. Particles in the water do not affect the ability of the electrodes to read the flow. When irrigators are choosing between “no moving parts” flow meters, this is a major benefit of the mag meter that distinguishes it from the ultrasonic. 


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