Flow Meters & Metering Systems

An Introduction to Water Flow Meters

Water flow meters are an essential part of any water system, providing an accurate and reliable measure of the amount of water that passes through a pipe. Flow meters are used to measure the rate of fluid flow, typically in gallons per minute (GPM) or cubic feet per second (CFS). Flow meters can be used to monitor the flow in residential, commercial, and industrial water systems. 


The most common type of flow meter is the mechanical flow meter, which works by measuring the pressure drop caused by the flow of water through a pipe. These meters are relatively inexpensive and are ideal for simple or basic water monitoring applications. 


Another type of flow meter is the electromagnetic flow meter. This type of meter uses a magnetic field to measure the flow of water. The meter detects changes in the electromagnetic field caused by the flow of the water, and converts these changes into a flow rate measurement. 


Ultrasonic flow meters measure the flow of water using ultrasound waves. These meters measure the time it takes for the ultrasound waves to travel through the water, and can be used to measure flows in a range of different pipe sizes. 


Finally, a positive displacement flow meter measures the flow rate by counting the number of times a known volume of water passes through the meter. This type of meter is ideal for measuring flow in high-pressure applications, such as in industrial systems. 


Flow meters are an important part of any water system, as they provide an accurate and reliable measure of the flow rate. By using a flow meter, you can ensure that your water system is operating efficiently and safely.



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