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Aquatech Partners With Pani Energy to Reduce Energy Consumption

Global desalination leader Aquatech International has partnered with artificial intelligence (AI) company Pani Energy to reduce the energy consumption that comes with desalination and water security issues. Pani Energy is an AI analytics solution provider for water applications, and along with Aquatech’s proprietary LoWatt® membrane desalination process, they hope to reduce energy levels significantly.


Desalination is critical in tackling the issues involved with water security. Roughly 20,000 desalination facilities across the world treat the water provided to 300 million people worldwide.


LoWatt is a low-energy desalination process that combines the technology of pretreatment, reverse osmosis, and cleaning to produce energy-conscious consumption. The technology’s performance has already improved the industry, setting a record standard and lowering costs by offering more reliable technology and improved plant uptime. Combining this with Pani’s software will help Aquatech lower consumption levels and aid them in establishing a new standard across the industry of 2.7 kWh per cubic meter (m3).


Pani Energy’s CEO Devesh Bharadwaj says of the partnership, “By leveraging existing data, systems, and people paired with machine learning techniques, current desalination technologies can be lifted to new standards of efficiency – making water less expensive to produce and delivering affordable, climate-resilient water to people and communities in water-stressed regions.”


Water meters could also be impacted by the changes anticipated by Aquatech and Pani’s partnership, but the main focus, for now, is how it relates to water consumption and energy costs specifically.


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