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Avanti Company Offers Complimentary Data Sheets on All of Our Products

With over 35 years of experience in Flow Meter Products, no one understands meters and  metering systems better than the Avanti Company. Not only do we offer a vast selection of reliable and high-quality meters, but we also provide a range of value-added services, such as complimentary data sheets on every product in our inventory.

We believe it’s vital for our clients to be as informed as possible about their purchase. That’s why we make it easy for you to learn about our meters: just visit the “Resources” section of our website to access these up-to-date and comprehensive data sheets. Every major meter category is represented, including meters for, Utility, Agricultural, Petroleum and Industrial use. Our data sheets cover the most popular models made by major manufacturers such as McCrometer, Liquid Controls, Hach, Itron, Elster, Micronics and others.

Each sheet is available in PDF format for easy reading and navigability, with the added benefit of being downloadable or printable. You can learn about a meter’s specifications, installation, warranty, or other relevant details. Many data sheets come straight from the manufacturer to ensure optimal accuracy, although all of them have their reliability vetted by the experts at the Avanti Company.

Of course, we’re always available for inquiry about any product we sell. It is our policy to provide an answer or solution to any question that’s presented to us. In addition to providing you with any information you may need on our products, we back each sale with in-house service capability, which includes on-the-spot correction. That’s part of our company’s mission, and it’s why clients continue to turn to us for all their meter-related needs.

For more information on our vast selection of  Water Meters, we’re always available at 800-284-5231 or by email at info@avanticompany.com.


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