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Avanti Company Offers Only the Best Industrial Meters

For over 35 years, the Avanti Company has dedicated itself to providing customers with a rich selection of top-of-the-line flow meters and metering systems. Our comprehensive product line can meet almost any need, from agriculture to food processing and manufacture. Our Industrial Meters represent the cutting edge of meter technology, guaranteeing reliable long-term performance for a wide array of industrial demands.

The following selection we offer represents some of the most popular and established brands on the market.

Liquid Controls – Solid choice for petroleum, chemicals, propane, food products, and water meters with batching systems; offers positive displacement, turbine, electromagnetic, and mass flow type meters.

McCrometer – Complete line of Propeller, Flanged Mag, Insertion Mag and Differential Pressure meters.

Micronics – clamp-on ultrasonic transit time and Dopler flow meters.

Hach – Premier expert in permanent and portable open channel flow meters such as Flo-Dar, Flo-Tote, and the Sigma and Marsh-McBirney families of flow meters. Available for rent or purchase.

Burkert – Fluid control systems; flow sensors and solenoid valves.

Kessler Ellis – Electronic counters, batchers, timers, ratemeters, and PLC peripherals.

TopTech Systems – Leading provider of software, hardware, and services for automating the bulk terminal and bulk plant industries.

Veeder-Root – Offers comprehensive selection of mechanical and electronic fuel meter registers, printers, presets, remote printers, pulsers, swivels, and accessories.

Great Plains Industries, INC. – Great for stainless steel turbine meters, oval gear meters, PVC turbine meters, and fuel/petroleum flow meters.

Palmer/Wahl Instrumentation Group – Pressure and temperature gauges, recorders, chart drives, volume recorders, thermometers, and thermowells.

Power Up – High-end turnkey solar power systems, as well as parts for remote metering locations that require alternate power.

S.J. Controls – Batching systems, scalers, pulsers, totalizers, and logging systems.

As you can see, we carry only the highest quality and versatile industrial flow metering  products on the market. Whatever your needs, Avanti Company has you covered. Moreover, it is our policy to help everyone we can, and when we cannot, to help you find the answer. Thus, if unforeseen difficulties arise, we back every meter with in-house service capability, including testing, repair, rebuilding, maintenance, and calibration.

For more information on our products and services, please call 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.

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