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Avanti Company Offers Reliable On-Site Metering System Support

At the Avanti Company, we’re more than happy to provide customers with value-added services to go with our vast selection of high-quality flow and Water Meters. That’s why every product we sell comes is backed up by our fully trained sales support team who can provide On-Site Metering Support, which ensures optimal performance for any meter in our inventory.

Avanti’s comprehensive support services include the following:

  • On-site meter testing
  • Meter Application Review – Free Service
  • Metering Systems Application Review – Free Service
  • Itron AMR/AMI hardware and software implementation
  • Remote Monitoring Service
  • LCRII and DMS implementation Service
  • Warranty Service on all Products – Free Service
  • Metering System Support – all Avanti Products

Our courteous technical support team is always ready and willing to assist you. They are well-trained and experienced in all the meters and metering systems we sell. These knowledgeable and professional specialists will come to your site to identify any issues you may have, and may even offer advice on how to improve your metering system. They’ll work closely with you to ensure that your questions are answered and your needs are met.

Here’s a list of who to call for a particular product or specialty area:

  • Industrial Products – Mark Whalen (863-453-5336)
  • Meter Testing – Mark Conner (863-453-5336)
  • AMR and Remote Monitoring Products – Shannon Crosson (863-453-5336)
  • Technical Sales Support for North Florida – Brandon Brooks (850-321-7877)
  • Technical Sales Support for South Florida – Eric Corey (305-804-5840)
  • Technical Sales Support for Central Florida – Matt Devlin (863-443-0135)
  • Technical Sales Support for Central and North Georgia – Jacque Stevens (678-520-7205)

Avanti Company has been a leader in meter products and metering systems for over 35 years, so you can rest assured that you’re getting only the highest-quality service and assistance. Moreover, in addition to our technical support in these systems, we provide numerous other services to our customers, including repairs, rebuilds, maintenance, and calibrations. We’re committed to ensuring the quality and functionality of all our meters, as well as the satisfaction and peace of mind of our clients.

To learn more about our products and services, please call 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.

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