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Avanti Company to Sell EMP Defense Products

Starting very soon, the Avanti Company, which also sells flow meters, will be selling EMP Defense products. The company, based in Michigan, sells industrial and commercial lightning protection, allowing you to protect valuable assets. The advanced lightning suppression technology balances the electromagnetic field and eliminates the factors that cause lighting before it strikes. 


With each product, you will get fully effective lightning prevention without any power required, waterproof, explosion-proof, and weather-resistant technology, and a ten-year manufacturing warranty. 


Their innovative technology helps prevent damage to much-needed electronics, instruments, and plant processing equipment. Losses to industrial processes in petro-chem, power generation, steel manufacturing, and other types of plants are minimized, while unexpected shutdowns are eliminated. All this creates a safer working environment and more reliable sources for those counting on industrial technology.


EMP Defense currently serves the following markets:


  • Marine vessels and ports
  • Drill rigs and offshore platforms
  • Oil and gas
  • Power generation
  • Government and military
  • Wind energy
  • Solar energy
  • Sporting and recreational industries
  • Communication and data hubs
  • Airports
  • Mass transit
  • Mining and metals
  • Medical facilities
  • Care facilities
  • Nuclear power generation


Their mobile rental units and temporary installation through the CMCE trailer model can be used at sporting events, construction sites, and other locations. They offer leasing options for up to 60 months which includes the cost of the device and installation. With every install, they are able to customize the site, which can involve new or tie-ins to existing grounding systems. 


They are also able to provide labor, supervise facility-approved labor and certified installation. Each year, inspections are needed to meet manufacturer warranty guidelines and proper function, which they will take care of for you. This includes device testing and maintenance. 


EMP Defense products will be available online soon. Visit our website for more details. 

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