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Avanti Company works to prevent lightning across SWFL

Avanti Company, a reputable water meter company based in Avon Park, Florida, has introduced an innovative solution aimed at preventing lightning strikes and safeguarding communities. Recognizing the vulnerability of their water meter registers to lightning strikes, Avanti embarked on a mission to protect individuals and their valuable assets. As Jerry Prokes, the South Florida sales manager for Avanti, explained, these registers are responsible for relaying the water usage information to the digital registers. However, they were frequently targeted by lightning, posing a significant risk. To address this issue, Avanti developed the CMCE Lightning Protection Device.

The inspiration behind this device came from the numerous distressing incidents reported, often in the early hours of the morning, where equipment had been destroyed by lightning strikes. The potential threat to people’s lives and the financial losses incurred prompted Avanti to take action. Since its inception, the CMCE Lightning Protection Device has been a resounding success, effectively preventing lightning-related incidents.

Florida, known as the sunshine state, is also notorious for its frequent thunderstorms, resulting in approximately 3,500 cloud-to-ground lightning events daily. When lightning strikes, it can have devastating consequences. Jerry Prokes shared an example of a company that suffered equipment damage amounting to over $250,000. Beyond the monetary value, the aftermath involved time-consuming cleanup and manpower, highlighting the need for effective lightning protection measures.

So, how does the CMCE device work? During a storm, positive and negative ions in the atmosphere combine, resulting in the formation of lightning. The CMCE device utilizes a cable connected to a ground-mounted grid to redirect the energy from lightning strikes, effectively grounding the bolt and dissipating the associated energy. Unlike traditional lightning rods that attract lightning strikes and potentially cause fires, the CMCE device acts as a deterrent.

With over 8,000 devices installed worldwide, including prestigious locations like Cape Canaveral and Universal Studios, the CMCE device has garnered widespread acclaim. Its design ensures installation 6 feet above the highest point to be protected. The three different device sizes cater to various requirements, with the largest capable of covering up to 11 acres of property. The cost ranges from under $20,000 for the largest device to around $7,000 for the smallest.

Avanti is committed to extending protection to communities in any setting, be it outdoor concerts, events, or ballparks. Their expertise allows them to customize the installations according to the specific needs of each location, ensuring comprehensive protection for people and their surroundings.

To read the original article on Avanti’s efforts to prevent lightning and learn more about the CMCE Lightning Protection Device, click HERE.

To learn more about the Avanti Company and the services and products they offer, including industrial meters and collection system meters, please visit them online or call 800.284.5231.



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