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Avanti welcomes AquaHawk to its Product Portfolio

What is the Utility supposed to do with all of this information they are getting from advanced metering systems?  That is easy, share it with their customers.  Avanti is pleased to announce the addition of the AquaHawk Alerting Web Presentment Service to its portfolio of meters and metering systems products.  AquaHawk is a customer engagement tool for Utilities to offer online viewing of consumers bills, water usage history, water consumption patterns and ways to save money and conserve water.  Features include the ability to notify customers of potential leaks before they get a large bill, allow customers to budget water consumption and provides conservation tools for both the consumer and Utility.

In the first year after beginning the AquaHawk service, Castle Pines Metropolitan District was able to notify customers of pipe breaks, toilet leaks, inoperable backflow preventers and irrigation system malfunctions and saved over 4 millions gallons of water loss valued at $186,000.00.

This web hosted software is easy to use, easy to manage and very affordable even for small Utilities.  Now small and medium size Cities can provide the services to their consumers that were only previously available to larger Utilities.  Software updates are seemless because AquaHawk manages the system and start up and ongoing system costs are designed to fit with any size Cities budget.

Avanti will be offering the AquaHawk Alerting service to our existing and future customers that have or are implementing Automatic Meter Reading or Advanced Metering Infrastructure Systems.  This is the next step in using the additional information available from radio endpoint datalogging or fixed networks to improve communications between the Utility and their customers.

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