Flow Meters & Metering Systems

Calculating Sewage Flow Success

Flow monitoring is necessary to obtain data when evaluating wet-weather and dry-weather in sanitary sewer flows. Incorporating the data into operational plans and optimizing maintenance activities are part of this process and continue to grow in popularity.


Monitoring sewer flow involves the installation of a network of flow meters within a sewer system during a set amount of time. The data collected is then analyzed to develop characteristics under present conditions at the location. These can gauge flow monitoring success or help adjust strategies if proven unsuccessful.


Consider permanent or temporary monitoring. Temporary monitoring seeks to provide higher resolution flow data by contributing sewersheds upstream on trunk sewer systems. Temporary locations provide more data for certain systems, like hydrologic/hydraulic model calibrations. They support short-term studies and assessments for a specific area. Permanent monitoring happens at a smaller set of strategic locations by trunk sewers and wastewater facilities. They provide long-term data and support to make operational decisions.


Flow monitoring locations are important as well. Flow density equipment within a network varies depending on monitoring systems that are also involved. Typical locations focus on isolating flow in the major contributing areas. Understand system layouts and network connections. Gather as much information as possible on SSOs and flooding locations, along with points for major confluence and upstream connection points and lines to treatment plants.


To find the best locations, you will need a field investigation. This will help install all equipment safely and ensure you are receiving the highest quality of data.

For more information on flow meters, or to set up an on-site flow meter testing, call The Avanti Company at 800.284.5231.

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