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Case Study: King County Uses Robotics to Assess Critical Line

Like many Utilities across the country, King County in Washington state is developing a comprehensive assessment program to enhance the efficiency of its collection system. It turned to RedZone Robotics for the most innovative Wastewater Asset Management solutions on the market.

Having previously utilized RedZone’s cutting-edge solutions to overcome various other challenges, King County needed an in-pipe condition assessment for one of its most vital but difficult pipelines. Spanning over two miles – close to forty football fields – the East Side Interceptor runs under major freeways and railroad tracks, with segments that endure high velocity flows and rough terrain.

The company that conducted these demanding inspections used RedZone’s HD Profiler, a Multi-Sensor Inspection (MSI) platform that was selected in part for its ease of deployment: it could be hand-carried to difficult access locations. The versatile device was able to collect previous MSI data for the entire pip, amounting to 11,720 feet.

Moreover, RedZone engineers modified the HD Profiler to allow it to complete this impressive distance without losing full power. During the course of the inspection, the HD Profiler managed to push through intense velocity and extreme conditions. One King County inspector noted that β€œthe lines were so tight you could play them like a piano. Our fear was that if a tag line broke all the equipment would end up at the South Treatment Plant.”

Despite these challenges, the inspection proved successful, thanks to the unique ingenuity and advanced robotic technology of RedZone. The HD Profiler gathered all the data required in a single shift with its multiple sensors, providing engineers with comprehensive and critical information about defects, corrosion, and other potential issues. As a result, King County will be better able to manage its vast infrastructure.

Case studies like this prove that RedZone Robotics represents the wave of the future of Utilities seeking to optimize their operations like never before. The Avanti Company is proud to be their representative in Florida and Georgia. To learn more about what they have to offer, or for information on our encompassing selection of Flow Meters and Metering System solutions, contact us at 800-284-5231 or info@avanticompany.com.

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