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Understanding the Critical Role of Flow Meters in Modern Agriculture

  Flow meters are a key player in driving the efficiency and success of myriad farming operations. Whether it’s irrigating vast crop fields, maintaining livestock hydration, or ensuring appropriate nutrient dispersion in agricultural set-ups, these invaluable devices have an indispensable role to play. The exactitude of the flow meters’ measurements stands crucial to an agriculturist’s … Continued

The Importance of Flow Meters in Agricultural Irrigation

  Flow meters are essential for accurate irrigation management in agriculture. By measuring the amount of water that is being applied to crops, farmers can ensure that they are using water efficiently and effectively. This can help to save water, reduce costs, and improve crop yields.   There are a variety of flow meters available … Continued

Monitoring Water Use on Golf Courses Across the United States

Golf courses that are striving to cut back on their water usage rely on low-cost, long-lasting water meters. Water meters give a quantitative study of water conservation efforts, and they enable golf course superintendents to properly monitor water consumption and avoid costly municipal fines by estimating irrigation volumes. To deal with the escalating economic, environmental, … Continued

McCrometer Saves the Day at Covanta Energy Corporation

Honolulu’s Covanta Energy Corporation faced a stubborn problem of having to accurately measure cooling tower blowdown water flowing at irregular intervals prior to reinjection into the facility’s caprock. This irregular flow resulted in foam and bubbles forming in the line, necessitating a better flow meter solution to ensure that the facility remained within its daily … Continued

The Dependable and Cutting-Edge McCrometer MW500

When it comes to high performing and dependable meters, few names are more recognizable than McCrometer. Known for its extensive selection of cutting-edge meters, this industry leader is trusted by farmers and Utility users everywhere. The state-of-the-art McCrometer MW500 offered by the Avanti Company exemplifies this commitment to quality. This Main Line Propeller Meter is manufactured to comply with … Continued

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Maximising Performance: The Ultimate Guide to Flow Meter Maintenance

  Understanding flow meters is key to the success and efficiency of many industrial operations. These critical devices measure and control the rate of fluid that moves through a system, providing real-time data with precision, reliability, and accuracy. In order for flow meters to continually perform at peak efficiency, it’s crucial to maintain them well.  … Continued