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McCrometer Saves the Day at Covanta Energy Corporation


Honolulu’s Covanta Energy Corporation faced a stubborn problem of having to accurately measure cooling tower blowdown water flowing at irregular intervals prior to reinjection into the facility’s caprock. This irregular flow resulted in foam and bubbles forming in the line, necessitating a better flow meter solution to ensure that the facility remained within its daily water use limit. After dealing with unreliable ultrasonic strap-on meters continuously cycling from zero to full scale, Covanta sought a better solution.

After taking into account irregular cooling tower blowdown water flow intervals, the foam bubbles, and the limited amount of space and access, Covanta’s applications team decided on the McCrometer FPI Mag flow meter. Acclaimed for its accuracy and ease of use, the meter’s flow sensing technology removed the need for extra labor or even having to shut down the line. There was no need to potentially impact power generating capabilities nor were there any comprises in environmental standards. Unlike other insertion mag meters capable of measuring at only a single point, the FPI Mag meter’s advanced multielectrode sensors span the pipe to compensate for challenging flow conditions.

Thanks to McCrometer, Covanta solved its measurement problem, allowing to meet its water use limit. In fact, it’s already evaluating the possibility of deploying the same meter application in many of its 30+ Energy-from-Waste facilities in the United States.

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